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Prophet Isa El-Buba

About The Prophet

Prophet Isa El-Buba was a former Islamic occultist, who served the queen of heaven from his childhood as a dedicated child.

He inherited Islamic occultism from birth until 1982 when he experienced the exceeding grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that brought salvation to him, baptized him with the Holy Spirit, commissioned him to preach the gospel, and gave him Godly heritage.

Before his salvation, the Lord gave him series of revelations of the reality of hell. His ministry is accompanied with the manifestations of the presence and power of God, the Lord working with him confirming His word with signs following.

He has a special burden to reach the Muslim world through publications so that they might understand the true God, and also to open the spiritual eyes of Christians much more on the activities of cults and demons and how to deal with them.

Prophet Isa El-Buba is the President of El-Buba Outreach Ministries International, with headquarters in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. He is married to Pastor Choice Isa El-Buba and God has blessed them with four children.

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